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    Each pharmaceutical company uses packaging materials in the process of manufacturing the medicines. Packaging materials can be completely different - a cardboard package, instructions, foil, blister, tube, label. However each layout for each packaging material must be approved and agreed, and all versions of the original layout should be relevant.

    Maintaining the current database of layouts is not an easy task, and a lot depends on the quality of its fulfilment:

    · The ability to quickly transfer orders from one supplier of printed products to another - the timely production of printed products.

    · Elimination of the risk of transferring not up-to-date or out-of-date layout to the supplier of printed products - the absence of rejection and failure to meet the deadlines for the production of the medicinal product.

    · The duration of the application to the supplier, because this process includes the preparation and collection of the necessary documents (layout, drawing, specification).

    The effective solution of these problems is the portal ORIGINAL-MAKET.PRO

    When using this portal you get:

    · Single base for layouts, drawings, specifications with a convenient search;

    · Traceability, version control and accounting of each layout, drawing or any document in the system, as well as the entire history of the coordination of models;

    · All coordination with your approved suppliers in a single system;

    · Security and fault tolerance;

    · Integration with the accounting system, calculation and dispatch of the order;

    · Ability to use digital signature;

    · Electronic archive of documents, layouts, drawings;

    · Fast and convenient file sharing;

    · 24/7 availability

    Using the portal ORIGINAL-MAKET.PRO for a pharmaceutical company is absolutely free.

    Already more than 100 pharmaceutical companies use ORIGINAL-MAKET.PRO in their work.

    ORIGINAL-MAKET.PRO – is a tool to improve the efficiency of your business.

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Text and graphics control: PixelProof software

Quite a lot of time is spent on input quality control of compliance of graphic and textual information. This is especially true in the case of the inspection of printed products by the pharmaceutical manufacturer. More than 30% of the time spent by employees of the quality control department is spent on checking the pharmaceutical pack and instructions. Due to new regulations, more and more text is being inserted into the instruction, the size of the instruction is increasing, and the text is being added in several languages. All this is superimposed on the timing of production of the drug.

The consequences of mistakes made at this stage can be the return of a series of drugs from pharmacies, repackaging of the drug and, accordingly, additional costs, damage to the company's image and brand of the drug.

Do you want to avoid such mistakes?

Leave a request at the bottom of this section and we will install the PixelProof demo version for 1 month FREE!

JSC PROMIS is the exclusive representative in Russia of Gradient – , a PixelProof software developer for pharmaceutical companies.

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Serialization and aggregation

On February 1, 2017, a pilot project was launched on drug labeling with a two-dimensional bar code in accordance with Federal Law of 12.04.2010 N 61-FZ (as amended on 03.07.2016) "On the circulation of medicines" (as amended and added., Entry. effective from 01/01/2017). From 2020, labeling will be mandatory for all medicines manufactured in circulation.

The purpose of introducing a system for monitoring the movement of drugs from the manufacturer to the final consumer is to protect a costumer from poor-quality products and counterfeit products.

For the successful implementation of the drug labeling system, it is necessary to correctly distribute all available resources, create a working group and draw up a phased work plan. This process is quite laborious and requires proper attention at every level. We recommend look at the “roadmap”, which represents a work plan for the implementation of a drug labeling system at work.

Promis JSC provides a solution for automating the labeling of drugs with a unique DataMatrix code - software L-3 “PROSALEKS”, which is an integral part of the process of serialization and aggregation of drugs and is responsible for generating serial numbers, managing lines for labeling, integrating with ERP-systems of the enterprise and the formation of output files for transmission to the system Marking FTS RF.

Main advantages: 

• The software generates, reads and transmits an unlimited number of codes

• Integrates with accounting systems (1C, Orcle, SAP)

• Has an ability to manage unlimited number of lines for labeling and aggregation

• Has a built-in tool for interaction with the Federal Tax Service (IC “Marking”)

• 24/7 service support

PROMIS JSC suggests pharmaceutical companies of Russia a solution for all 2d code marking problems! 

Russian pharmaceutical companies claim that they are experiencing some difficulties in the implementation of the 2d code marking system in their production. PROMIS JSC has studied the TOP-6 problems of pharmaceutical manufacturers and created a guide for companies involved in the 2d code marking for medicals projects. The main goal of this guide is to honestly state the problems of pharmaceutical manufacturers and find the best solution. ONLY UNTIL THE END OF SEPTEMBER! 

Get the guide on “How to save the world of 2D code marking “Track & trace for medicals”! FREE of charge!

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Packing robots

According to the recruitment agencies, the number of applicants who would like to work in working specialties over the past three years has decreased by almost 3 times. At the same time the need for low-skilled labor is constantly growing. Many pharmaceutical companies are looking for employees who would perform low-skilled work(for example, moving materials, packing drugs into a corrugated box, putting corrugated boxes with drugs on a pallet, sticking labels on labels, etc.)

Do you want to get away from dependence on manual labor?

Do you want to automate and robotize existing packing lines?

JSC PROMIS is ready to act as a general contractor and carry out all the work from project development to the full automation and implementation of robots on existing packaging lines of drugs.

ROBOPACK is a joint project of Promis JSC and ARTECH on automatic packing of finished products.

• Works continuously 24x7

• Quick changeover from one product to another

• Minimum dimensions for production premises

• Embedding T & T mechanisms, implementation of aggregation functional

• Replacing manual labor of 3 workers

• Warranty on the manipulator 25 years

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