Careful use of natural resources, rational energy-saving technologies in the production of cardboard packaging

The goal of the environmental policy of PROMIS JSC is to minimize and prevent the negative impact of production on the environment. We strive to reduce waste and use raw materials and energy resources as efficiently as possible.

A priority in the company's policy is to protect the vital interests of its employees. We want to preserve the environment of the territories where production and economic activities are carried out. Working conditions are created, maintained, and constantly improved for employees who conscientiously fulfill their duties at each workplace.

A separate collection of more than 20 types of waste is organized at the production site, most of which are taken out for recycling and reuse by specialized companies. We transport the rest to landfills.

JSC "PROMIS" reduces the amount of waste and modernizes production by reducing electricity consumption.

The territory is kept in an excellent state, as can be seen during an audit or other activities.

We care and respect nature, striving for harmony and unity with it.