Manual code marking of medicals

Hardware and software "PROSALEKS SE" for pharmaceutical companies with manual pre-packing method

Manual code-marking of medicines

IT solution "PROSALEKS SE" is a solution for serialization and aggregation of medicines by manual pre-packing. It is suitable for companies with a small volume of products.

The hardware and software will allow serialization and aggregation at minimal cost, without the need to buy expensive equipment.

The solution developed by Promis JSC consists of:

  • software "PROSALEX" with a specialized interface;
  • label printers for secondary and tertiary packaging;
  • a coiler;
  • applicator;
  • handheld scanner.


  • quick start;
  • low cost of the solution;
  • integration with the ERP-system of the company and FSIS MDLP;
  • proven technology;
  • validated solution
  • included in the Unified Register of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass 
Communications of Russian programs for computers and databases.

  • "Prosaleks SE"

    Solution based on software level L3/L4

    • Secondary packaging marking
    • Aggregation of labeled secondary packaging into tertiary
  • "Prosalex SE"

    Serialization and medicines aggregation procedures with minimal investment.

    • Possibility of aggregation by several operators
    • Automatic data transfer to GIS MDLP