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ISO 9001:2008
Process Standard Offset


Since 2007 JSC PROMIS implements and upholds the Quality Management System up to standard ISO 9000 We regularly conduct Quality Management System audits to acknowledge the quality of our production.

Our company has received correspondence to the following standards:

-   ISO 9001:2008,

-   Process Standard Offset (ISO 12647-2, ISO 9000, ISO 15930, ISO 15076, ISO 15930, ISO 12646, ISO 12647-7, ISO 3664).

Between 2011 and 2017 more than 70 audit committees  of our clients confirmed the level of our quality. They pointed out that our company has high level of management and high quality of the control system.

We constantly develop thanks to our knowledge, innovations, productivity and ingenuity. Our mission is to be the leaders not in the volumes of production, but in the effectiveness of the solutions for our consumers. The effectiveness of the measures used to maintain a stable level of quality also makes the consumers be satisfied with our product.

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