CMI leaflets

We help you save on packaging materials, storage and shipping of pharmaceutical products

The Important Part Of The Pharmaceutical Package

CMI (Consumer Medicine Information) leaflets are an integral part of pharmaceutical packaging and an important source of information for the doctor, pharmacist, and patient. Sometimes the amount of text in the CMI leaflet and its size often have to be increased to meet all the requirements of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. If the original package does not fit the CMI leaflet, either the package dimensions need to be changed or thinner paper should be used to produce the leaflet.

JSC "PROMIS" offers a wide range of CMI leaflets, the production of which meets all the requirements of regulators, quality, and safety standards.

We design CMI leaflets for your task:

  • We use European paper brands with a grammage of 35-45 g/m2, designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • We produce CMI leaflets in size: before folding - max 500x1000 mm; after folding - min 50x70 mm with a gluing point.
  • We will help you select the grammage of the paper and design the folding instructions for your tasks, the capabilities of the existing folding machines, and the dimensions of the package.
  • Testing of instructions on your pre-packing line is accompanied by specialists of the PROMIS JSC service center. Based on the testing results, we will send recommendations for improving the packaging process.

For 27 years of work, we have gained experience in the production of instructions. We use modern equipment, and we issue CMI-leaflets in inserts of various formats.

  • Unfolded

    The simplest CMI leaflet for the medical use of medicines, made of paper with a grammage of 50-65 g/m2 without folding. It is suitable if you do not need CMI leaflet with a lot of folding, and the text fits on an A5 sheet. The leaflet is folded to the needed size and placed in the package with the help of equipment or personnel of the pharmaceutical company. JSC Promis produces CMI leaflets in different formats, adapting them to your processes and products.

  • Pre-folded

    One or two-fold leaflets are perfect for your production process if the format does not work with online pre-packing lines. Then such leaflets are folded and packaged on the line of the pharmaceutical manufacturer. It is best to make it from paper with a density of 37-45 g/m2. It will increase the size of the leaflet and keep its thickness unchanged after folding.

  • Finished size fold

    It is a CMI leaflet folded to its final size and ready to be packaged. Finished size folding is suitable if the pharmaceutical manufacturer cannot fold the leaflet on its equipment. In this case, JSC Promis offers a large selection of special folding schemes with multiple parallel and cross folds. The insertion of a leaflet in the package will be easier with creasing (fold) lines. It is an ideal solution for manual packaging.

  • Folding with a gluing point

    A point-of-glue leaflet is a format that will work if the size of the CMI leaflet before folding does not match the capabilities of the folding equipment. It is difficult or impossible to insert such a leaflet into a package.

    To create leaflets with a gluing point, the thinnest paper is used - from 35 to 40 g/m2. It means that the thickness of the leaflet can be adjusted depending on the needs of the pharmaceutical manufacturer. Packing in cassettes allows reducing the labor costs of the operator for manually placing the stack in the receiving hopper. JSC Promis will develop an ideal instruction format for packaging your product.

We improve the efficiency of your production

  • We will train the operators in fine-tuning the GUK folding module.
  • We will help to establish the reason for the slowdown in the speed of pre-packing of medicines.
  • We will increase the efficiency of your pre-packing line.

We do some of your tasks

  • Delivery of instructions "just in time"
  • Accompanying leaflets printouts with a representative sample and text and graphics verification report
  • Access to the calculation of the runs of the CMI leaflets online.