After-sale service

JSC "PROMIS" helps pharmaceutical companies reduce production losses by eliminating constant stoppages of equipment

We increase the efficiency of the pre-packing line and save in the production of medicines

Continuous stoppages of equipment, an increase in the amount of process waste, a lack of qualifications of personnel, a decrease in the speed of the pre-packaging line and other problems negatively affect productivity. Unnecessary errors and delays inevitably increase the costs of pharmaceutical companies for the production of medicals. As a result, the cost is growing.

Often, pharmaceutical manufacturers do not suspect that the slowdown in pre-packaging of pharmaceuticals and frequent line stoppages may not be related to equipment at all.

Reasons for the rise in prices for drugs:

  • incorrectly selected material;
  • internal defect;
  • incorrectly designed package or CMI leaflet folding scheme;
  • lack of acclimatization;
  • technical condition of equipment;
  • the proportion of fibers and paper is incorrectly determined;
  • lack of staff qualifications.

The after-sales service department of PROMIS JSC provides consulting and technical support to improve the efficiency of your pre-packaging line.

What does the after sales service offer?

  • Assessment of the technical condition of equipment, assistance in setting up

    Finding the causes of slow speeds and failures in the pre-packaging line

    • Equipment diagnostics
    • Configuring the GUK Folding machine
  • Correction of the package design and selection of materials

    • Adaptation of the design of the package for a specific model of the pre-packaging line.
    • Selection of the optimal density of cardboard for packaging and paper for CMI leaflets. Selection of the folding scheme.
  • Pharmaceutical consulting

    • Pharmaceutical consulting
    • Recommendations to improve efficiency

This is not all that the after-sales service of PROMIS JSC can offer!!

Our specialists carry out:

  • support in the manufacture and testing of new types of packages and CMI leaflets on the pre-packaging lines of customers;
  • assistance in choosing a new pre-packaging line and GUK folding module;
  • assistance in the commissioning of new packaging equipment;

  training of pre-packing line fitters and working together to improve productivity.