Loyalty program for existing customers

We help pharmaceutical manufacturers reduce time spent at the input quality control stage and speed up production processes

The medicine production process consists of many operations, each affects its speed and the cost of the product. At the same time, a significant part of them can be optimized using the expertise of a pharmaceutical packaging supplier.

One of the key priorities of PROMIS is to increase the efficiency of our clients' business. We pay a lot of attention to the quality control of our products and have developed a number of proposals that can reduce the time spent by customers at every stage of production: from the development of the original layout to the packaging of the medicine.

What do PROMIS clients receive under the contract for the supply of packaging materials?


    It is for storing original layouts, drawings, specifications and their prompt approval.

    • The ability for all participants in the process to track the progress of the project.

    • Reliable storage of all versions of original layouts, drawings and specifications.

    • Convenient file exchange between the customer and the contractor.

    • Online coordination in a one system.

    • Access to basic documents in electronic form (quality passport, Pixel Proof report, Dot Scan report).

    • Integration with accounting systems.

    • Work from anywhere in the world 24/7.


  • Pixel Proof report

    It is an instrumental control of compliance of text and graphic content on a printed print with a reference original layout.

    • Validated software verifies that the text matches the original layout in any language.

    • Printing of serial products starts only after receiving positive results of the test.

    • The use of software allows eliminating errors due to the human factor and speeding up the production process.

  • Representative sampling

    It is a reducing the time spent on incoming quality control of printed products.

    • It is conducted by the packaging manufacturer at the final stage of production according to the customer's sampling table.

    • It is possible to prepare samples for each shipped part of the circulation.

    • The customer's QCD receives separately packaged product samples for incoming quality control.

    • The sample is part of the total circulation.

    • Sampling and inventory of packaging materials takes up to 60% less time.

  • Chatbot "Promis Help Desk"

    Online help of PROMIS specialists in case of problems on the packaging line.

    • Access to the chat bot in the Viber messenger via the QR code on the product packaging from any smartphone.

    • Automatic answers for the most common problems.

    • Help from a PROMIS expert in case of an unusual situation online.

    • The term for resolving the issue is from 1 hour.

    • The opportunity not only to solve the problem and meet the standards, but also to speed up production processes.

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