Production of cardboard packaging with 2D code

Service for applying DataMatrix-code in the production of secondary cardboard packaging

Solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Do you need to plan and implement a code marking Track &Trace of medicines project on time and on budget? JSC "PROMIS" will help you do it right!

Since September 2020, the company launched an additional service for applying DataMatrix identification tools to secondary cardboard packaging for medicines. This became possible thanks to the IT-solution "PROSALEKS Mark2D". It is designed to work with equipment for 2D code marking.  

PROSALEKS software is also a good alternative in case of problems associated with the application of marking on equipment for serialization and aggregation.


  • minimum investment in equipment and human resources;
  • quick start;
  • proven technology;
  • validated solution:
  • the software is included in the Unified Register of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russian computer programs and databases 

The software is already integrated with 2D code marking equipment from leading German manufacturers!

Service "PROSALEKS Mark2D" is:

  • the ability to produce up to 1 million packages per month;
  • verification of each code on the line and creation of a report on its quality;
  • code management on the customer's side: request, enrichment with crypto protection, transfer to the supplier for application and other operations;
  • serialization after packing;
  • automatic or manual aggregation at the customer's facilities;
  • the possibility of using software on a line with manual pre-packing.

The "PROSALEKS Mark2D" service will become an alternative in case of a shortage of own capacities due to an increase in the volume of production or problems with marking equipment.

  • Production of cardboard packaging with DataMatrix-code

    • implementation of the solution in 14 days;
    • installation of PROSALEKS software for code management on the customer's server;
    • formation of an order for the application of a 2-D code for packaging and its production;
    • debugging serialization and aggregation at the customer's production;
    • generation and transmission of reports to GIS MDLP and GIS MT.