Pre-registration check-up of the original layout

Technological expertise service

Original-layout according to technical requirements for printing production

Have you ever submitted for registration a layout of a medical package with an error in the text? In such cases, you have to reproduce this layout for all series. It also happens that a design studio returns you a beautiful package design with various screen effects and embossing, but the supplier cannot reproduce the color or finish.

Manufacturers of printing products face similar problems regularly. It usually happens because design companies that create layouts lack expertise in offset printing and pharmaceutical packaging. It leads to several consequences. Starting, for example, with unstable color reproduction during production runs, to errors in text or Braille. As a result, the pharmaceutical manufacturer registers the layout, which subsequently cannot be produced with high quality.

The absence of technological errors in the original layout of the package, aimed at registration, is the key to the stable quality of printed products. JSC "PROMIS" offers to use our service for pre-registration check and revision of the original layout of the cardboard packaging and CMI leaflets.

Our experts conduct a technological examination of the lightfastness of paints, drawings, design elements of the original layout before approval by the regulatory authorities

  • You will receive an original layout that meets all the requirements of the printing industry;

  • We will check all texts for spelling and punctuation errors, including those in Braille;
  • Anti-counterfeiting technology can be developed exclusively for your product.

Preliminary checking-modification of the layout includes:

  1. Checking the presence of technologically necessary indents and allowances from the punching and scoring knives of the product layout.
  2. Checking the minimum size of varnishing and embossing elements for the possibility of execution.
  3. Analysis of the colorfulness of the layout for compliance with the technological capabilities of the printing company.
  4. Checking the minimum allowable object sizes and line weights for printed objects.
  5. Refinement of text and graphics at the request of the customer:

  • rendering of individual elements;
  • spelling and punctuation checking;
  • analysis of braille for compliance with the standard;
  • re-layout of the layout to another standard size (drawing) of the package;
  • development of anti-counterfeiting technology.