Layout management ORIGINAL-MAKET.PRO

A system that will shorten the path from the approval of current layouts printing and receiving the finished product

A tool to improve the efficiency of your business

While working with packaging suppliers, manufacturers face a lot of operations: preparation of the same type of documentation, checking a drawing, specification, and approval.

At the same time, a lot of precious time can be spent on approval, since customers face many problems.

Companies often do not have a single register of approved layouts, drawings, and specifications, which makes it difficult to find the latest versions. But even if they are found, it is impossible to track all the previous changes. In addition, a lot of time is spent on communication with the manufacturer and many other different small procedures.

To solve these and many other problems, the ORIGINAL-MAKET.PRO was created. It is a system for coordinating orders for printing products, developed in close cooperation with manufacturers of medicines and packaging,

The capabilities of the ORIGINAL-MAKET.PRO system will provide a full range of communications between the customer of printing products and the contractor. It will help organize the work of both a small design studio and large production.

System advantages:

  • Unified base for layouts, drawings, specifications;
  • Traceability, version control and accounting;
  • All approvals in a one system;
  • Security and resiliency;
  • Integration with the accounting system, calculation and sending of the order;
  • E-signature;
  • Electronic archive of documents, layouts, drawings;
  • Availability 24/7.

The software is constantly updated and improved taking into account the wishes of our customers.

  • Unified base of layouts and standardization

    All layout options are stored in the database, which is at the disposal of the customer. An understanding of the tasks appears, and you receive prices for products immediately along with information about the order.

  • Convenient file sharing, coordination and control

    Convenient, simple and secure file exchange, chat between participants, quick approval of changes, the ability to make changes to the layout directly on the site and send to the performer in real time.

  • Archive, integration with 1C and availability 24/7

    Electronic archive of documents: layouts, drawings and other documents. Service availability 24/7 from any corner of the world. Integration with accounting systems 1C and SAP.