Pre-packing robotics

Solution for automation and robotization of pharmaceutical production

А future tool for accelerating medicine production

The interest of pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers in methods to improve production efficiency is growing every day. Therefore, the pay more and more attention to the digitalization and automation of the production process.

Innovative technologies make it possible to reduce the cost of medicines by speeding up the operation of the company, reducing the number of rejects, stopping equipment, reducing non-production costs, and other factors.

If you plan to automate pre-packing lines using modern packaging systems based on industrial manipulators, PROMIS JSC will perform all the necessary work.

The use of modern packaging systems based on industrial manipulators will reduce non-production costs by up to 30%, increase labor productivity by 20-40% if there are three or more pre-packing lines.

  • Speed up production processes and reduce waste


    • Reduced costs
    • Reducing the influence of the human factor
  • Joint project of PROMIS JSC and ARTECH


    • Replacement of manual labor of 3-4 workers
    • Work 24/7