Complex solution for warehouse operations

Hardware and software for receiving and shipping medicines at the warehouse of a distributor, manufacturer or logistics center

It solution for distributors and manufacturers

The hardware and software "PROSALEKS DE" is designed for the procedure of acceptance and shipment and performance of other warehouse operations for distributor, manufacturer or logistics center and safekeeping warehouse.

Warehouse systems "UMC-warehouse" and "UMC-production" are integrated with the software "PROSALEKS" L3.

These modules are mobile terminals with the help of which it is possible to:

  • acceptance/shipment of medicinal products;
  • manual aggregation/unaggregation;
  • selection of control samples;
  • withdrawal from circulation; transfer of a medicinal product for destruction.    

  • Functionality "PROSALEKS DE"

    Acceptance and shipment of marked products with data transfer to GIS MDLP by direct acceptance

    • Storage of product information
    • Removal of marked products from secondary and tertiary packaging
  • The advantages of "PROSALEKS DE"

    User-friendly interface

    • Possibility of communication with GIS / MDLP via mobile Internet (LTE protocol)
    • Integration with ERP system
    • Included in the Unified Register of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russian computer programs and databases